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Blue Daisy teams up with Hey!Zeus to form Dahlia Black

Camden producer Blue Daisy really made a splash with dreamy 2011's debut album 'The Sunday Gift' - a trip-hop influenced post-dubstep study packed with depth and texture.

Now Blue Daisy has teamed up with rapper Hey!Zeus - who featured on the LP - to form rap duo Dahlia Black to inject something "nu" into the UK hip hop scene with debut single 'Fuck A Rap Song' (Ooo the irony!).

While Daisy can still be heard on the boards twiddling nobs, his new venture sees greater focus on lyrical content, with Hey!Zeus spitting cuss words all over the shop.

Indeed, with a violent harlem flow reminiscent to A$AP Rocky, it's a darn sight fresher than Devlin's recent drivel.

Watch the arty video from Ruff Mercy, who's also directed for FlyLo and Kendrick Lamar...

Words: David Sullivan