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Chris Lake Gets Carried Away

Chris Lake Gets Carried Away

<B>Chris Lake</B> is back with a massive new single.

One of the most talked about producers around, Lake's tight and original house cuts are trashing clubs left, right and centre. 'Carry Me Away', his latest offering, out 14th May on Chris's own Rising Music, is a soaring progressive piano bumper, buoyant on a bubbling electro bassline. Featuring Emma Hewitt's massive vocal, it's a huge, spring-shaped euphoric track that's destined to blow big style. "I'd hooked up with Emma about three weeks before," says Lake, "and one day we went into the studio and just vibed on the track. We wrote it in four hours!"

The remixes are particularly bad ass. Personally selected by Lake, he wanted to put a personal touch on the record beyond his own track, and show some love to the producer/DJs who inspire him. Sebastian Leger sets out to rip us a new ear canal with his tearing electro mix, dark, pared down, and with a distinctive, spare acid house edge, which coupled with the vocal, really messes with your head. Micky Slim & Funkagenda's electro tech take shows why Micky's been making so much noise lately, and Aston Shuffle's is a dose of pure acid funk, with a weird 'live' sounding breakdown.

So what's next for Chris after this massive track? "I'm just trying out some new work in the studio, and I want to see how it goes from there. I'm sure the gameplan will change probably, weekly, but at the moment it's quite open. An album is something I'm bearing in mind, I'm just trying to write some different stuff, put together an album gradually. God knows how long it'll take me though!"

He's certainly got a busy DJing schedule, all around the world, with gigs coming up in Beirut, Riga, Zagreb and Reykjavik, as well as Ibiza, London, Manchester and Madrid. One place he's really looking forward to returning to is Warung in Brazil. "It's the best club I've ever played at, and I'm there again later in the year. I can't wait to get back there!" Chris Lake is set to explode.