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Carl Cox Loves Amsterdam

Carl Cox Loves Amsterdam

Dutch airliner KLM has roped in DJs Carl Cox and Sander Kleinenberg to help promote Amsterdam as a cool clubbing destination.

Dutch airline company KLM has recruited some of the world's greatest DJs in a bid to get more Britons to travel to Amsterdam.

Its 'Top Of The League' campaign which launched on 10 March, is aimed at re-branding the city away from its tulips, hookers, and cannabis cafés image towards something more dance music.

Sander Kleinenberg was amazed at the sights of Amsterdam
Amsterdam is home to some of the world's greatest DJs and fashion designers, and by posting exclusive testimonials from cool people on its website weekly, KLM hopes it'll attract trendy customers, and not have to put up with the gangs of blokes after cheap shags and spliffs anymore.

British DJ Carl Cox kicked off the campaign, and in his report he revealed his favourite places to hang out when spinning in the Dutch capital.

Dutch homeboy Sander Kleinenberg has also been recruited to sing Amsterdam's praises, and in his testimonial the DJ bigged up the city's cool beaches and enchanting restaurants.

There are also testimonials to come from some of Holland's hottest designers.

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