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Julio Bashmore 'Au Seve'

Care, consideration and caution are not always words associated with the fleeting world of dance music. DJs and promoters springing up and disappearing quicker than Eats Everything can guzzle a pint of the black stuff, it's tempting for the next pretty young thing getting hyped to high heaven to go for broke; rush out a series of half-finished tracks off their hard drive and sit back and wait for that cash-money to roll in. Not Bashmore.

A producer who prefers to bide his time with a tune, by our maths, on average, he drops a track every nine or 10 months. More interested in working something 'till it shines like the motherlode only to sit on it until the right time like a protective mother goose guarding her golden eggs, he commands the house equivalent of the Midas touch.

Proving it to most with 2011's monster 'Battle For Middle You', he did it again in 2012 with 'Au Seve', dropped as the first release on his brand-new label Broadwalk Records. Smashed into orbit by pretty much every decent house DJ doing the rounds, especially in Ibiza, it touched bass and house heads alike with its crisp hi-hats and “oh baby!” vocal sample, most of all winning 'floors (still does) with that massive steel drum hook and deep, bulbous industrial pipe of a garage bassline characterised by an erratic-but-irresistible time signature.

Stuffed with the sustenance of a sunday roast, this is house at its meatiest and most delicious; the Christmas dinner of any dancefloor DJ set with all the trimmings and extra cranberry sauce.

While effective in its simplicity, Bashmore's inventive touch is what moves the dancefloor here, stirring the kind of singalong response normally reserved for a Bon Jovi track at a wedding reception. All elements enhanced, wound and coiled to devastating effect throughout, 'Au Seve' has remained the trump card for many a DJ for a matter of months, and will continue to be so.

Drawn upon by our very own DJ Mag Allstars at Sancho Panza, Notting Hill Carnival, this year, 'Au Seve' owns a personal place of fondness within our affections, as it clearly does in yours too. A repeat offending nominee in this poll, it's unlikely to be his last. We, like you, cannot wait to see what 2013 holds for Bashmore, the golden boy of UK house.

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