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Berlin’s '90s techno club culture traced in new exhibition

Berlin’s '90s techno club culture traced in new exhibition

Visitors will get an insight into the city’s cultural development following the fall of the Berlin wall...

Ninetines Berlin Techno Exhibition
Ninetines Berlin Techno Exhibition

A new exhibition, called Nineties Berlin, is to offer visitors the chance to revisit the city’s 1990s techno scene.

Created by the team behind Berlin’s DDR Museum, it will look into the parties and music of the decade which paved the way for the techno haven that Berlin is today. 

 Visitors will start their tour with a 16-minute film to set the scene, revisiting the time following the fall of the Berlin Wall when the city was reunited as east Berliners crossed over into the west and new sounds began to take shape and spread. 

In the next room, visitors will hear from an array of talking heads who will recount their experiences as musicians and partygoers through the decade before walking amongst a life-sized mockup of the Berlin Wall.

Former venues of the city will also be paid tribute to in the exhibition before the story turns its focus to the development of the Love Parade from a small street party in 1989 to a rave that attracted over a million people. Visitors will be treated to a number of Love Parade anthems on this final part of the tour, taking in music from the likes of Westbam, Underworld, Faithless and more. 

You can find out more about the exhibition here. It runs until February 2019. 

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