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Allen & Heath Xone:S2

Allen & Heath Xone:S2

Allen & Heath take the club install market by storm with the new 19" five-channel Xone:S2.

Allen and Heath have combined all their mixer expertise into this design, packing more features into 19" than ever before.

Due to be launched at this year's Namm equipment show in Los Angeles, DJmag has the scoop on the Xone:52, and it's shaping up to be a monster mixer.

Boasting premium analogue circuitry throughout, there are four stereo dual input channels and two Mono Mic/Stereo Line channels, with a choice of either 45mm linear, or rotary VCA faders for the vintage look.

Unique on this type of mixer, the Xone:52 is equipped with a USB audio interface for hooking up laptops and such. USB can be used for both playback and recording between the Xone:52 and a computer. Ingeniously, it can also be patched into the mixer insert point and the computer then used to process signals (with the appropriate software), like a hardware effects unit.

Another key feature is the output limiter system, which enables an engineer to preset the maximum output level of the mixer irrespective of input level. With variable threshold levels the engineer can set it to suit the sound system, keeping things clean and distortion free.

A front panel LED warns the DJ that the maximum output level has been exceeded and the limiter has kicked in.

The Xone:52 also has a dedicated input for a venue's alarm system. This will mute all music channels when active, helping to make evacuating a club that much more speedy if ever there was a fire or other emergency.

The Xone:52 wouldn't be complete without with the legendary Xone Filter system, of course. A rotary selector allows each of the four main channels to be individually routed to the filter, and going one step further, the filter can also be set to 'External'. This allows it to be connected to outboard equipment, or to be patched into the mixer insert point for global filtering of the main mix. Stay tuned for the full review coming soon.

Price: £999 + VAT

Released: March

Contact: / +44 (0)1326 372070